Project Development

We provide projects to students with full flexibility i.e. students can choose any topic from our website or can come up with any new idea & we'll help to build entire project. We balance project duration & development efforts to suit ur college needs.

The process of project development that we follow is like this -

  • first you need to register with us with one topic of your choice.
  • once the topic is final then in first semester you will be given basic Php training, this training will give you knowledge of all basic concepts required for project>
  • After that you will be given schedule for developing your project i.e your project is first divided into no. of modules.
  • Then you will be given documentation for your 1st module of project and you need to try to develop from your end within specified time.
  • After that you may clear your doubts through portal provided to you.
  • Then we will give you first developed module along with documentation of second module and the process will continue till last module.
  • This will help to completely understand your project and complete knowledge of code. This process helps you to present your project in college in stages which will give a different impact on your project guide.